Raúl Font Quer

District Governor-nominee 2023-24, District 2202

D2202 Rotary Club Tarragona

If we set our minds to it, there is still time! We are only usufructuaries of this planet and yet we often behave as absolute masters of it. We have a moral obligation to leave our children a better planet than the one we inherited.

Raúl Font Quer

Born in Tarragona. By training he is a Biologist, Agricultural Engineer, Pharmacist and Lawyer.

  • He has been Professor and Professor of Botany at the Institute of Horticulture and Gardening of Reus.
  • Deputy Mayor of Tarragona City Council.
  • He is President of the Guild of Farmers of Tarragona (entity founded in 1321, with more than 650 members).
  • He has been president of Club Gimnástico de Tarragona (first division, year 2007).
  • He is president of the competition committee of the Catalan Football Federation in the province of Tarragona.
  • He has been President of the Young Chamber of Tarragona (1989) and Vice President of the Federation of Young Chambers (1988).

Rotary CV

  • Assistant District Governor for Zone 7 (Tarragona) of District 2202
  • He has participated in the promotion and creation of 3 clubs in his area such as: R. C. Tarragona Costa Dorada, R. C Baix Penedès and R.C Tarragona Amistad Hispano Marroquí.
  • District 2202 Extension Committee and Membership Committee Member


Raúl Font Quer

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Rotary Forests

Rotary Woods | District 2202

"The union of Rotary Clubs is the most ambitious reforestation mission in our country."


1998-2002 RI Director

RC Barcelona Condal | District 2202

"An excellent initiative of Rotary clubs of great projection and so necessary in Spain."

eduardo san martín

2015-17 RI Director

RC Majadahonda. District 2201

It is an honor to be able to participate from the beginning in such a solid project of great international projection".

Jose antonio riquelme

Governor 2021-22

RC Barcelona Condal | D2202

"It is a global project, the result of years of work, necessary and open to all Rotary clubs and districts."

josé ramón echevarria

Honorary Member

RC Palencia | District 2201

An excellent initiative of Rotary clubs in Spain with great international projection".

ingrid steinhoff

Governor 2022-23

RC Barcelona : District 2202

"Climate Change is a global problem that requires local action."


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