how to participate in the campaign

Many Rotary clubs have participated in a reforestation project (see list of forests). A campaign is a global project to replicate a successful reforestation model by other clubs. Therefore, any Rotary club or district can initiate a reforestation campaign, which other clubs can join, but a number of requirements must be met for it to be supported by Rotary Forests.

An example of a reforestation campaign

rotary forest technical model

Did you know that more than 60% of reforestation projects fail? In Bosques Rotarios we are trying to develop - together with specialized companies and experts - forest models with the most advanced technologies and processes in reforestation to replicate and scale our own successful reforestation campaigns, taking into account the characteristics of each site and native trees.

How do you calculate the c02 uptake of rotary forests?

Attached is a practical guide for the use of the Carbon Dioxide Absorption Project Calculator developed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO). It is an easy-to-use spreadsheet that allows for the simple calculation of carbon dioxide (hereinafter CO2) removals associated with the biomass of forest tree species. The user will have to enter the data that define the reforestation for which he/she wants to calculate the CO2 absorptions that it generates.

- (Excel) Download Miteco's Rotary Forest Absorption Project Calculator
- (Pdf) Download Miteco's "Practical Guide to using the CO2 Absorption Project Calculator".


You can download the roadmap for joining one of the Rotary Forest Campaigns at the following link Roadmap

Presentation dossiers

Attached is a (pending) process document with the dossiers for presentation to organizations and institutions ( download pdf) .

action plans for 100% financing

We are working on a long-term economic and financial model to outline the viability of any reforestation project, which includes not only the planting but also the entire management and maintenance process for years.
In this way we will be able to structure the financing of the actual projects to maximize the viability and guarantee of the project for at least 25 years.