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Technical and commercial documentation on rotary forests and the method for estimating tons of CO2 absorption


rotary forests. our greatest legacy

Rotary Forests is a great platform at the service of clubs and districts totally free of charge, financed through its promoters' own funds and technological, strategic and technical resources provided by CSR organizations to structure reforestation campaigns.
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If you want to learn more about Rotary Forests and the organization, click here.

how to participate in reforestation campaigns

There are several campaigns promoted directly by Rotary Forests, such as the Rotary Tree, remembering that Rotary Forests was born in 2021 as a global platform and therefore does not belong to any Rotary club or district. However, it is a collaborative organization open to all Rotarians, clubs, and districts that wish to participate. After joining Rotary Forests, you can use all the resources and infrastructure of Rotary Forests and Rotary Forests in your local reforestation projects.
If your club or district would like to develop a reforestation project under the Rotary Forests umbrella, please contact the organization.

rotary forest technical model

In the case of Spain, all projects are designed in accordance with the highest standards of the Spanish Climate Change Office, the official certification body under the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

How do you calculate the c02 uptake of rotary forests?

Attached is a practical guide for the use of the Carbon Dioxide Absorption Project Calculator developed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO). It is an easy-to-use spreadsheet that allows for the simple calculation of carbon dioxide (hereinafter CO2) removals associated with the biomass of forest tree species. The user will have to enter the data that define the reforestation for which he wants to calculate the CO2 removals generated.

- (Excel) Download Miteco's Rotary Forest Absorption Project Calculator
- (Pdf) Download Miteco's "Practical Guide to using the CO2 Absorption Project Calculator".


You can download the roadmap for joining one of the Rotary Forest Campaigns at the following link (in process of being drafted. Contact)

Some examples of the Rotary Forest Identity

Presentation dossiers

Attached is a process document with the dossiers for presentation to organizations and institutions (download pdf).

action plans for 100% financing

At Rotary Forests, we provide Rotary with a significant infrastructure for Rotary clubs and districts to join our campaigns and enjoy important benefits related to a project model tailored to the region and a financing scheme to provide your project with the necessary funds.

Contact theproject office to structure your funding and action plans.