Rotary Forests' international program to achieve Rotary's greatest environmental challenge in 20 years: 100 million trees and 100 million euros for the Rotary Foundation.


Together, we reforest | Juntos, Juntos, reforestamos.

Rotary Forests program to plant 100 million Rotary trees over 20 years. A spectacular campaign launching reforestation projects for the more than 46,000 Rotary clubs worldwide to promote small, symbolic plantings annually at no cost , involving Rotarians, friends and civil society in actions that project to society our humanitarian values and environmental commitment.

The program also includes a commitment to donate €1 for every tree planted to The Rotary Foundation.

5 million a year, that's 5 million euros that will be donated annually to the Rotary Foundation associated with the Rotary Forests program. And this will help to fund other environmental and social projects from Rotary International.

This is our big dream - an achievable challenge if our Rotary commitment is demonstrated by action.

It is also a clear example of how small local actions can lead to big global actions to combat climate change.  

Our program aims to:

  • Each Rotary International club joins the Rotary Forests program following a proven management model for planting and maintenance in the early years. Districts and individual Rotarians who want to join the Rotary Forests program can also become involved as sponsors.
  • The "Together, we reforest" program promotes annual symbolic plantings of an average of 100 trees at almost no cost to the clubs. Rotary Forests provides knowledge, experience, communication coverage and documentation with downloadable designs (rollups, posters, logos, website, etc.). And, of course, the procedures guide to promote successful tree plantings.
  • Commitment to solidarity. All the infrastructure provided by Rotary Forests has its return through direct donations to the Rotary Foundation and other social projects to be carried out by the Rotary club.

In addition, with our "Together we reforest" program, we provide all member Rotary clubs with the opportunity to scale up actions to increase Rotary's visibility, institutional involvement, and public participation. At the same time, we raise funds for the Rotary Foundation and support local charitable projects. Through our actions, we are an example of action, commitment, and friendship.

The concept of plantation has a symbolic meaning, given that many of the people involved in the plantations will not be able to participate in the plantation.

One Rotarian, One tree

Rotary Forests program to achieve 1.4 million trees, one for each Rotarian in Rotary International. The method is that each Rotary district promotes a Rotary forest with a minimum number of trees: one for each Rotarian in the district. District 2202 in Spain was the first district in the world to join the "One Rotarian, one Tree" program by promoting a forest of 1,600 trees in Tauste (Zaragoza, Spain), which served to partially reforest the site affected by a fire 12 years ago. The planting was completed in February 2023 and inaugurated on 29 April 2023.

The Rotary forests of Tauste and Monte Jaizkibel as two success stories of the "Reforesting Together" program

The video shows two examples of the many reforestation projects that can be done through Rotary Forests' internationally scalable programs:

  • Rotary Forest of Tauste, Zaragoza (District 2202 Spain and Ingrid Steinhoff) with 2,070 trees planted (1,600 One Rotarian One Tree, 400 Rotary Forests reserve trees and 70 symbolic planting "Together we reforest").
  • Rotary Forest of Mount Jaizkibel (RC Irún Bidasoa and Youth Exchange Committee of District 2202 Spain) with symbolic planting of 50 oak trees in a forest of 3,905 trees of the Zuahitz Eguna program in Hondarribia,

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